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This software is dedicated for treatment of experimental measurements of plasma data.
In case of any questions please contact Dr.Yifei ZHU.

Email: Yifei.zhu.plasma@gmail.com
PASSKEy - 02/2021

A two-dimensional drift-diffusion fluid equation solver for low temperature plasmas code generator

Created by Yifei ZHU - yifei.zhu.plasma@gmail.com

Improved by teams from:
Atelier des Plasmas Co, Ltd., Hefei, China
Xi\'an Jiaotong University, Xi\'an, China
Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France

Permission to use PASSKEy is granted, provided that proper reference is made in any publications making use of the
code generated with this software. For specific usage and cooperations please contact the author.


        2017年5月,等离子体工坊(原等离子体计算工坊)由两名博士生在法国巴黎综合理工学院(现巴黎-萨克雷大学)等离子体物理实验室(Laboratoire des Physique des Plasmas, LPP)攻读学位期间成立。工坊的目的是,整理日常的科学讨论,汇聚真正热爱科学的高水平同行,共同发展自主代码,推动计算等离子体与实验、实业具体结合,做可靠的科学计算品牌。