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This software is dedicated for treatment of experimental measurements of plasma data.
In case of any questions please contact Dr.Yifei ZHU.

Email: Yifei.zhu.plasma@gmail.com
Parallel Streamer Solver with Kinetics / 并行流注等离子体耦合求解器
About the project
The Parallel Streamer Solver with KinEtics solver is a Fortran 90 module designed to calculate the spatial-temporal evolution of the electric field, species densities and fluid dynamics in a non-thermal plasma with detailed complex chemistry. The input plasma chemistry file, geometry file and physics configuration file are in text formats human-friendly. PASSKEy uses the BOLSIG+ solver as input file. The output file is compatible with other independent softwares, e.g. TECPLOT or ORIGIN et al.

The code is created in Ecole Polytechnique (Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas, France) by Dr. Yifei ZHU (朱益飞), and improved by Mr. Xiancong CHEN (陈贤聪) with the support of Science and Technology of Plasma Dynamics Laboratory (航空等离子体动力学重点实验室) and the group of Atelier des Plasmas (等离子体计算工坊团队).
  • Input data files are in an easy-to-read format, the reaction rates can be defined according to existing BOLSIG+ output or as functions of the gas temperature or other of the plasma conditions, as specified by the user.
  • Electric field, electron temperature, photoionization, species density and fluid conditions can be solved automatically in an semi-implicit way.
  • Automatic Cartesian mesh generation and timestep definition.
  • MPI-OpenMP hybrid parallelization and easy post-processing.
Discussion and participation
We encourage users to join the google discussion group. As we continue to improve our software, we collect information in order to provide you with updates, improvements and other changes in the package. We welcome new contributors. Anyone wishing to up-load their kinetic schemes to this site (with proper references of course) should contact us for up-loading data.
Permission to use PASSKEy in non-commercial applications is hereby granted, provided that proper reference is made in publications reporting results obtained using this software. At present, the preferred way to reference PASSKEy is as follows:

[1] Yifei ZHU, Xiancong CHEN, Yun WU, Svetlana STARIKOVSKAIA: PASSKEy code [software]. Available from http://www.plasma-tech.net/parser/passkey/ (Science and Technology of Plasma Dynamics Laboratory, Xi’an, China and Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas, Paris, France, 2021).
[2] Yifei ZHU, Xiancong CHEN, Yun WU, Jinbo HAO, Xiaoguang MA, Pengfei LU, and Pierre TARDIVEAU. 2021. “Simulation of the Ionization Wave Discharges: A Direct Comparison between the Fluid Model and E--FISH Measurements.” Plasma Sources Science and Technology, 30 075025.